Our complete and tailored training offer

You are attentive to the long-term development of your employees. You want your staff to adapt to the technical development of your filling plant, and you also want them to be better qualified and more efficient. Then discover or re-discover our complete and tailored training offer: The LPG Academy!

Specialised LPG training courses, applied to the Siraga equipment

We offer a wide range of professional training courses:

  • courses in the use of Siraga equipment
  • general themes such as hydraulic, pneumatic or industrial electricity

By request, we also organise seminars on more global subjects such as "The conception of a filling plant", "The safety in a filling plant", etc.

A tailored organisation

Our training teams are flexible and enableustoorganise training sessions in various locations,
  • directly at your plant
  • at Siraga's premises in France
  • or at the premises of our partners
We tailor the length as well as the contents of these courses to your objectives and constraints.

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Why choose the LPG Academy?

For the exchange of expertise and know-how:

  • You will alternate between theory and practical exercises and be in contact with various LPG experts.
  • The diversity of participants and experiences will enable you to exchange ideas about your problems and to enhance your network.

For the professionalism:

  • The LPG Academy is a training program recognized and integrated into the ISO certification field to continuously ensure and improve your satisfaction.
  • Our internal trainers know the machines perfectly. They have often participated in their conception, and they are experts in their field. Outside partners have been carefully selected since the creation of the LPG Academy. It represents the guarantee of high quality training.

For the services:

  • We fully organize your stay, from your arrival to the sending of your diploma at the end of the course.
  • After class, it is time for relaxation. You will enjoy the French art of living to its fullest in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.