Siraga's values

Below you will find the values that shape our behaviour and inspire our work. 

Honesty and openness

Honest and open communication is a crucial part of the Siraga culture. In order to improve and optimise our systems and processes, it is imperative that we make each other aware of errors or room for improvement. Therefore, we encourage employees, customers and partners to give free and earnest feedback, so we can use it to provide the best possible products and services.

Integrity above personal gain

We are uncompromising in our adherence to legislation, regulations and directives in all aspects of our business. Siraga believes in fair competition and complies strictly with competition laws in all countries where we operate. We hold our partners, external suppliers and service providers to the same standard, and we do not enter into partnerships with any parties who would value personal gain over doing the right thing.

Thorough risk assessment

We are keenly aware of our responsibility as an employer and supplier to ensure the continued safety and good health of people and the environment. That is why we never cut corners when it comes to preventing accidents, managing risks to human and environmental health, and ensuring the quality of our products and services. Vigilance and rigour in these areas are important factors in how we evaluate each person's work - especially our managers.

Siraga always seeks to identify and manage the risks that may compromise our future in order to ensure our development in the long term.

Respectful and direct interaction

At Siraga, we have developed - and firmly maintain - a way of interacting with one another that builds on respect and trust among all employees. We believe in direct communication in-house regardless of seniority or superiority. We aim to avoid involving unnecessary third parties in order to not overcomplicate any matter, big or small. Likewise, we place great trust and faith in our external relations encouraging pleasant business relations that build on mutual respect and gain.

Diversity and equality

Siraga’s employees have different nationalities, social background, lifestyles and world views. Therefore, since they are often working in the same working place, it is essential to respect the diversity in order to maintain a productive work environment, respect and service to the clients. We believe that diversity makes life more interesting and is an invaluable boost to our ability to innovate and move forward as a company.

Siraga hires and promote employees based on their abilities, skills and performances, and ensures that its employees can evolve without any distinction. We prohibit any form of discrimination based on illicit motives such as sex, gender, sexual orientation, age, skin colour, religious beliefs etc.

Constant development

Ideas are the lifeblood of Siraga's business, and our people are forces of innovation. We study any new ideas from a global perspective with regard for the constraints and requirements of each product or service. This goes for all parts of our business: from sales, to public relations, to the workshop.

Involved from start to finish

Our job does not end with the completion of our own individual tasks. At Siraga, our people are dedicated to the entire life of a project. From sale to design, construction, installation and maintenance, we collect information and stay with you all the way. This is how we are able to constantly improve for future projects. We do not consider our work done until we have reached our ultimate, singular goal: 100% customer satisfaction.

Siraga's vision

We make innovative solutions to deliver cleaner energy - good for people and the environment.

Siraga's mission

Siraga shall be considered as the first choice when project makers and operators are selecting turnkey contractors, first class equipment and technology, smart solutions and operational support for the LPG business worldwide.